Dermoscopy Trainer

What is the purpose of this tool?

The Dermoscopy Trainer aims to improve your ability to detect suspicious skin lesions from dermoscopic images.

The tool is based on the research project of doctoral student Nadja Beeler.

How was the project funded?

The development of this project is funded by the Innovedum Project at ETH Zürich.

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What are the diagnoses of the images?

The suspicious lesions have a diagnosis of melanoma while the harmless lesion have a diagnosis of nevus. All the diagnoses were confirmed by histopathology.

How were the images selected?

We selected images based on the criteria below:

Inclusion criteria for image selection
Lesion diagnosis Nevus (harmless) or melanoma (suspicious)
Type of diagnosis Histopathology
Image type Dermoscopy
Clinical size (longest diameter) 0–10 mm or unknown size
Anatomical site Torso, upper and lower extremities, head and neck
Approximate age of the patient 40–80 years

We chose these criteria to ensure that all images bear some similarities and that their distinction is challenging to learn.

Where do the images come from?

All dermoscopic images come from the International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC) foundation.

What is the license of the images?

The images are all licensed under a Creative Commons licence.

Who developped the dermoscopy trainer?

The Professorship for Learning Sciences and Higher Education (LSE) at ETH Zürich handles the development of this project.